Mobile Sandblasting can transform your pool, house, boat or building.

We are licensed for both residential and commercial sandblasting needs.

RW Little Co. specializes in sandblasting surfaces that include metal, wood, concrete, brick, and block.


So how does RW Little Co do it?

Sandblasting equipment consists of a chamber in which sand and air are mixed. The mixture travels through a hand-held nozzle to direct the particles toward the surface. Nozzles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, so the right nozzle needs to be chosen by an experienced professional to suit each job. Tungsten carbide is the most popular nozzle liner material for mineral abrasives. Silicon carbide and boron carbide are more wear resistant and are for use with harder abrasives such as aluminum oxide.

Residential Services

If the paint on your home is peeling, it is highly likely that your home may need to be sandblasted. There is no "typical" home in San Diego as we are so diverse with our styles. For an average-sized home, we can typically remove the home's paint in one day, provided there is no undercoating.


Factors that determined the length of time spent sandblasting depend on the size of the house. How many coats or what types of paint have been applied.  How tight the paint is on the building. If there is a rubber coating under the paint. In some cases, we will not know what factors may exist until we begin to sandblast.

Commercial Services

Sandblasting a building's exterior can restore the original block or brick veneer, eliminating the need and cost associated with maintaining a building's exterior. We sandblast wood beams from the exterior or interior of properties and we have extensive experience in sandblasting graffiti off of block walls, new architecturally designed buildings, and the removal of mill marks and strap marks on the wood of both buildings & custom homes.


Additional Services

Do you own an auto shop, semi-trailer truck, or a boat that need refinishing? Our sandblasting services can't be beat!

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