The R.W Little Company applies several variations of HIGH PERFORMANCE COATINGS. These coatings are used for aggressive marine environments and applications where long service life is desirable. All of these coatings are applied over a SANDBLASTED surface.


Sandblasting provides the ideal surface for high performance coatings. Sandblasting removes old paint, corrosion, mil-scale and other contaminants that may adversely affect adhesion of the new coatings. equally important, the process provides a surface etch for the liquid coating to fill and mechanically attach itself to.


Inorganic Zinc Primer, as well as Zinc Metal Spray, is followed by 1 to 2 coats of an intermediate coat of epoxy and top coating of polyurethane, is considered the best system available today. These three coatings work as a “team”. The combinations will protect and enhance the appearance better than any 3 applications of any single coating.


Zinc Coatings are a sacrificial coating. It “gives itself up” (similar to galvanizing) to protect the substrate. It prevents corrosive undercutting of the topcoats when a break or chip occurs in the surface of the paint.


The epoxy intermediate coat is used to protect the Zinc and provide an adhesive base for the top coat. Epoxy is superior general purpose anti-corrosive. it cannot provide a glossy finish and epoxy will break down under prolonged exposure to the sun. A topcoat is required.


The polyurethane top coating is simply the premier glossy long-lived finish for your metal parts and structures. It protects the epoxy from sunlight and provides a highly aesthetic appearance. Virtually all commercial aircraft, custom yachts, and “long-haul” trucks use polyurethane for the final coat.


Cost is always an important consideration. We believe that the cost of coating services should be factored over the life of the coating. We can demonstrate that service life costs are lower when sandblasted and high performance coatings are used to finish your metal parts.


If you have any further questions or unique coating problems, our knowledgable staff is available to assist you.



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