Powder coating is a metal finishing process that offers an alternative finish to paint.

In order to powder coat something there are a few common traits that all the items most have:

They all have to be metal

The metal will have to withstand 400º

Most items will be sandblasted.

No item can have any time of plastic or bushings or anything that can be melted or burned by the 400º.


Things that can be powder coated are:

Metal Chairs, Metal Tables, Bicycle frames and parts, Motorcycle frames.

These are just some items that can be powder coated. IF it is METAL we can Powder coat it.


Painting services:

We can paint items for you if you prefer. The cost is generally the same as powder coat unless you opt for our top of the line Marine Protective coating.

With painting items we have more options available when it comes to color. We are also able to paint items that are not required to come apart or have bushings and/or plastic.


Sandblasting services:

Things that we can sandblast for you:

Glass (to create privacy or a frost effect)




Other services: Bead blasting, Soda Blasting, Priming only, Water jetting.

The possibilities of what we can do for you are varied. So give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.


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